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North Long Beach Project Area

The North Long Beach Redevelopment Project Area was adopted on July 16, 1996.  The project area consists of 10 non-contiguous areas, referred to as parcels 1 through 10, totaling approximately 12,507 acres, including 4,967 acres within the harbor district.

The majority of the project area is located within Parcel 1, which includes all properties within the City North of Del Amo.  Bordered by the cities of Compton and Paramount to the north, Bellflower and Lakewood to the east, and Carson to the west, Parcel 1 is primarily residential in character, but is intersected with six major commercial and industrial corridors: Atlantic Boulevard, Long Beach Boulevard, Cherry Avenue, Artesia Boulevard, South Street and Del Amo.

The residential areas are composed mainly of single-family, owner-occupied homes that were constructed during the 1920’s through 1970’s.  In contrast, the commercial properties along these corridors consist of aging commercial buildings that are characterized by physical deterioration, high vacancy and turnover, substandard and obsolete design and lack of adequate parking.

As part of the redevelopment of this area, the Agency supports the revitalization of commercial, industrial and residential sites, and assists in retaining and attracting successful businesses by improving the commercial corridors in North Long Beach.  This is accomplished through rehabilitation and modernization of existing facilities, and construction of parks and other public improvements.  In the various non-contiguous areas, the Agency facilitates the redevelopment and development of underutilized sites for contemporary commercial, industrial and residential uses. 

The Redevelopment Agency and the North Project Area Committee (PAC), a citizen advisory group, work closely together on all North Long Beach redevelopment efforts.  Since 1998, the first year in which the area began collecting significant tax increment, numerous projects have been completed or are in the works. 

For more information about these projects, please visit the project map here.

Download the North Long Beach Project Area boundary map here.

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