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Corridor Investment Report Highlights Over $1 Billion in Investments
that Strengthen Commercial Corridors, Adjacent Neighborhoods

The Corridor Investments Projects publication features many of the public investments made along the City's commercial corridors within the past fifteen years.  One of the key goals and objectives of the Mayor and City Council over the past several years has been to improve the commercial corridors adjacent to our residential neighborhoods.  As a result, the past fifteen years have seen a diversification of redevelopment activities throughout the City.  This is a result of a concerted effort by all levels of local government to focus on strengthening our neighborhoods and business corridors.  Thanks to the work of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, The Long Beach Housing Development Company, the Neighborhood Services Bureau and the entire Department of Development Services, this corridor improvement is now noticeable throughout the City.  These revitalization projects total more than a billion dollars of investment in our neighborhoods over the past fifteen years.

This investment has helped to eliminate nuisance properties that receive an inordinate amount of calls for emergency services.  Through focused acquisitions, we have purchased, relocated and demolished over 50 violent crime "hot spots," including 15 liquor stores, 17 motels, 12 apartment units and 10 ancillary establishments in the last six years alone.  These sites are now available for more desirable and sustainable projects that will enhance the adjacent neighborhoods.

In addition, much of the work on our corridors has been completed adjacent to our elementary, intermediate and high schools.  These improvements have benefited the entire community, and have been intergral to making our schools a more secure place for students to receive an education.

To view the publication, click here(Note: The publication is broken down into five parts - Greater Downtown Long Beach, Central Long Beach, North Long Beach, West, and Other Corridors.)